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We are trialling DoctorLink

We are trialling a new product called DoctorLink that enables patients to manage their care needs remotely where appropriate.

What is DoctorLink?

  • DoctorLink provides the ability to seek clinically approved medical advice around the clock. This helps to reduce unnecessary surgery appointments, getting patients to the right place for their clinical need. DoctorLink will provide advice on how to best manage your symptoms
  • DoctorLink facilitates booking an appointment with the surgery should a clinical consultation be recommended and is suitable for anyone aged 3 and above.
  • DoctorLink can be accessed from any laptop, mobile phone or tablet device, 7 days a week from any location

How does it work?

  • DoctorLink uses a Symptom Assessment tool to complete triage on patients who access the practice online looking for an urgent/same day appointment. Patients are asked a series of clinical questions based on their concern/illness.
  • The practice will receive a copy of the symptom assessment highlighting the required action needed (e.g. day consultation with a GP) and contact you with an appropriate appointment.
  • As DoctorLink is accessible 24/7 it is able to cater for both in and out of hours scenarios directing patients to the most appropriate place (pharmacy/dental/GP Service/A&E)

We will be working closely with the providers to manage DoctorLink’s integration into the practice and help patients get signed up. All feedback from the trial will help shape and develop the product ensuring that it is of use for clinicians, practice reception staff and patients.

Follow the link below to register and start using:



Care.Data National Information Sharing Database Abandoned – The Government listened to GP & patient concerns

In 2016, after calls from GPs and the public, Dame Fiona Caldicott reviewed the Government plans called Care.Data which were going to force GPs to share patient records into a centralised database.

This scheme was abandoned following the review and in response to Dame Fiona Caldicott’s recommendations.

The decision to scrap was welcomed by Islington GPs and patients. The damage to the public’s confidence regarding medical data sharing & suspicions raised by the Government’s plans had had an adverse effect on local plans for the sharing of patient data which were designed for the benefit of patients and their direct medical care.