Booking an Appointment

A standard doctor’s appointment is 10 minutes. If you have more than one problem to discuss, please ask reception for a double appointment as this ensures we have time to adequately explore your concerns. Appointments can be made by:

  • using eConsult, our fast, easy to use online consultation service

Enter eConsult

  • telephone on 020 7833 5906 (all calls are recorded)
  • or in person at reception.

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If you are booking a follow-up appointment, please book these in advance with the same doctor. This helps to ensure continuity of care. Chaperones can be provided on request to accompany you during examinations.

When arriving for an appointment, you can use the patient touch screen at the side of reception to check yourself in. This saves waiting in a queue to talk to a receptionist. Details are at reception on how to use the touch screen.