Travel Vaccinations

We offer all routine adult and child vaccinations, malaria prevention and travel vaccinations including yellow fever vaccination. Please ensure you make an appointment at least six weeks before your departure date. Please note that we charge for some of the travel vaccines and some courses of immunisation take up to two months to complete. For all travel advice and immunisations, please make an appointment with one of our nurses

Travel Vaccination Prices

Vaccine Cost per Vaccine
Hepatitis A Free
Typhoid This is now only available as an oral medication and there will be an NHS Prescription charge
Diphtheria/tetanus/polio Free
Yellow fever £50.00
Meningitis ACWY £35.00
Hepatitis B £25.00 per dose. (course x 3 =£75.00)
Private prescription (e.g., malaria tablets) £15.00
Re-issue certificates (e.g. yellow fever) £15.00

We accept payment by cash only.

For complicated itineraries, e.g. travelling for more than 2 months or to several countries, please book a double appointment with our nurses. We are unable to do some vaccinations such as Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis so you will need to attend a specialised travel clinic for this.

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