New Patients Information

How To Register

There are currently 2 ways you can register as a patient at Clerkenwell Medical Practice:

Registration for University Students

It is essential that all students register with a local doctors’ surgery when they move into their new accommodation, whether it be a Hall of Residence, house or flat. This will provide you with easy access to the full range of medical services during your time at University.

If you are a university student, please continue to our University Students Registrations page.

Catchment Area

Before registering with the practice, please enter your postcode below to ensure you live within our catchment area.

Catchment Area

We register anyone eligible for NHS treatment who is living in our catchment area (the whole of EC1 + EC2 + small parts of WC1 & N1 – please see the map) and all students living in the City University Halls of Residences in EC1 & N1.

We prefer to register all persons or family members living with you in order to offer the full range of our services.

Overseas Patients

We welcome patients from overseas registering with us as full patients if they have moved to England permanently. If you are visiting from abroad, the NHS currently provides free emergency treatment at doctors surgeries, Accident & Emergency Departments, and walk-in centres.

Please see the pages on the NHS website;


Temporary Patients

If you are visiting the area and need urgent medical help, we can see you as a temporary patient.

Please talk to our reception staff on 020 7833 5906 for more information.