Patient Letter

Dear Patients,

We are writing to you, as a patient registered with The Clerkenwell Medical Practice, to tell you
that in the coming weeks the practice will be undergoing some repair work for three months.
This is the first stage of refurbishing works, centring on replacing windows on the right wing of
the building and glass blocks at the back of the building.
Finsbury Health Centre is a well-loved building, and the repairs will ensure that the whole
building will be made watertight and will improve its overall insulation. We have been assured by
our landlord, NHS Property Services, that these repairs will be made with minimum disruption
and without delay.

Will these repairs affect my care?

 The practice will remain open and endeavour to provide services as usual.
 To facilitate the repair works, the practice has been asked to vacate five of its usual
clinical consulting rooms. In replacement, three temporary portacabins have been set up
as consulting rooms in the car park. In addition to this, the practice also secured
additional room capacity within the building to ensure we continue with the same level of
 The doctors, nurses, pharmacists, First Contact Physiotherapist, Paramedics, and other
professionals will all be available, so if you regularly see a particular GP or other clinician,
then this will continue as before.
 We will aim to offer face to face consultations at all times, however, there might be
unforeseen disruptions to our services, which will impact the method of the appointment
you are offered, i.e. telephone appointment instead of face to face. However, we would
like to reassure you that where appropriate, face to face appointments will always be
 The temporary clinical rooms in the car park would not have disabled access. If you need
step free access, please inform our care navigators of this and they will book an
appointment at the health centre.
 Respectively, our care navigators will ask questions about your concerns to ensure you
are booked appropriately. Therefore, please provide as much information to care
navigators as possible.

A second phase of repair work for the inside of the building will take place next year and we will
write to you again as soon as we know the specific dates. We hope that the current repairs will
not cause too much inconvenience and ask for your patience whilst they are taking place.
If you have any questions, please contact Practice Manager Sonata Gaucaite at
[email protected].

We are grateful for your support and patience during this period.

Yours sincerely,

Sonata Gaucaite
Practice Manager