SPRYT section in our Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for Clerkenwell Medical Practice: SPRYT Asa Cervical Screening Appointment Booking Chatbot Trial

Recipients or categories of recipients of the personal or special categories of personal dataPurpose of the processingData Retention PeriodLegal Basis for sharingYour Rights
SPRYTTo enable healthcare professionals working for the Practice to provide information, derived from GP records, about individuals to accredited research organisations. This covers research situations where the data controller (the Practice) is approached by research organisations, directly, to recruit patients for studies.

Any research proposal will only be agreed with a clearly defined protocol, consent mechanisms, and relevant research ethics committee approval, and in line with the principles of Article 89(1) of the UK GDPR.

Research organisations do not approach patients directly, rather the Practice will invite appropriate patients directly seeking their wish to take part.

This Privacy Notice does not cover situations where the Practice has been approached by an organisation seeking personal sensitive data to be disclosed in the absence of consent, i.e. via Related Legislation: Section 251 NHS Act 2006 / Health Research Authority (HRA) approval.

The source of the information shared in this way is your electronic GP record.

We are working with SPRYT to look at their Appointment booking Assistant chatbot (ASA) for some cervical screening patients. This integrates with the EMIS booking system to smooth appointment booking and queries – this will in the first instance use WhatsApp for those patients who have consented to this very limited pilot.

We are exploring the potential of alternative communication & appointment-booking methods with patients. Cervical screening patients may be asked if they consent to communicate via WhatsApp – this is purely voluntary and small pilot and does not impact on a patient’s access to care if they decline.

Note that WhatsApp is a separate data controller; data is passed through them via your agreement to consent to the use of WhatsApp for the purpose.
All records held by the Practice will be kept for the duration specified in the Records Management Codes of Practice for Health and Social CareThe processing of personal data is permitted under the following paragraph: Article 6(1) (e) – public interest or in the exercise of official authority.

The processing of special categories of personal data is permitted under the following paragraph: Article 9 (2) (j) – for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes in accordance with Article 89(1) based on Union or Member State law Related Legislation: Section 251 NHS Act 2006

Related Legislation: Section 251 NHS Act 2006
You have the right to:

1)To access, view or request copies of your personal information;

2)Request rectification of any inaccuracy in your personal information;

3)Restrict the processing of your personal information where:

3a)Accuracy of the data is contested,
3b)The processing is unlawful or,
3c)Where we no longer need the data for the purposes of processing.

Right to object: You have a general right to raise an objection to your personal data being shared for the purpose of risk stratification.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights please contact the Practice (data controller) or the DPO and your request will be carefully considered.

Right to complain: If you are dissatisfied with the way the Practice processes your data, you have the right to appeal/complain. You may raise the issue with the Practice’s Data Protection Officer, contact details are given in section 6, or if not satisfied, with the Information Commissioner (ICO). The ICO can be contacted at: Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire

Tel: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545 745

Website: https://ico.org.uk