University Students Registrations

It is essential that students register with a local doctors’ surgery when they move into their new accommodation, whether it be a Hall of Residence, house or flat. This will provide you with easy access to the full range of medical services during your time at University.

As a university student, you can register online as a patient at Clerkenwell Medical Practice:


Alternatively, you can come into the surgery to register.

Please remember to add your room number and mobile number to the registration forms. If you have your NHS number, please add this to the registration form as this will help us with your registration.

  • Cross Court House, 29-63 Graham Street, London N1 8LA
  • Romano Court, 16 Briset Street, London EC1M 5HD
  • Arbour House, 1 Sebastian Street, London, EC1V OHF
  • Walmsley Studios, 218 St. John Street, London EC1V 4AT
  • Willen House, 8-26 Bath Street, London EC1V 9DX
  • East Central House, 115-131 Lever Street, London EC1V 3RH
  • IQ City, 11 Bastwick Street, London EC1V 3AQ
  • Urbanest Hoxton, 100 East Road, London, N1 6AA
  • Alliance House, 44-45 Newington Green, London N16 9QH
  • Garden Halls,1 Cartwright Gardens, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9EN
  • Canto Court, 122-128 Old Street, London EC1V 9BD
  • Student Living Heights, 312 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7AG