Prescriptions Information


Some regular medication can be issued on a repeat basis so you do not have to see a doctor each time. However we will not issue a repeat prescription when you are due for a review of your medication. (Please see your repeat prescription for your review date).

Repeat Dispensing

We now offer a service for patients on stable medication, where we can give you a 6-12 month prescription to take to your chemist. This means you do not need to come to the surgery every 2 months to collect your next medication, as you can get this directly from your chemist. Please ask your doctor or your local chemist to see if you are eligible.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you require a medication that you have not had before or you have had in the past but it is no longer on your repeat prescription, then you will be asked to make an appointment to see your doctor. You can also make a written request for medication, and your doctor will then decide if this is suitable for you.

Prescriptions can be requested the following ways:

Alternatively, a request form is attached to your prescription and can be handed in to reception in person or sent by post, fax or email. Some chemists provide a request service by prior arrangement. We can post your prescription to you if you provide a stamped addressed envelope. We can send it to your pharmacist if they are part of our prescription request service.

When ordering your prescription, please allow at least two working days notice (48hrs) before collection. It is your responsibility to order your medicines on time.

For safety reasons, prescription requests cannot be taken over the telephone.